About us

iADH are a group of people who are concerned about those with disabilities and disadvantages, working together with those in their community, professional society and social or service organization to improve the oral health and quality of life for persons with special needs.

There are many reasons to join the iADH, either as an individual or via your local member countries branch. Benefits include  reduced members rates for scientific conferences, International and local branch meetings,  research prizes and bursaries and  online access to the Scientific Journal of Disability and Oral Health.

You can find out more about the work and activities of our caring professional iADH network by browsing this website and/or contacting your local council member representative.

You can follow us on our friends facebook group to link with other members or on iADHNOW! to find out about news and events. If you don’t use social media then sign up on his website to receive news and updates about events related to iADH via our online newsletter or read our magazine to find out more about iADH activities around the world. Or maybe you prefer to watch our video…