Getting my IADH membership number if I am already a member of a National member Organisation?


Those people who are members of a Category A national organisation which is represented on the IADH council automatically become a member of the IADH.

You can check out our list of member organisations and  join or contact  one of those association  by following this link

Each listed national organisation pays an annual group few to the iADH to enable the following benefits for their members.

However please note that you will need to register your details below to initiate your IADH membership benefits as listed below :

(1) An certificate of IADH membership and a unique membership number

(2) Inclusion in our worldwide network of like-minded members

(3) Substantial Discounts on iADH events

(4) Eligibility to apply for IADH Fellowships

(5) Eligibility to apply for IADH Research Competitions

(6) Eligibility to apply for IADH Travel Awards and Bursaries

(7) Eligibility to join IADH Research Networking Groups and Task Forces

(8) Eligibility to stand for one of IADH committees e.g. Education Committees or International Advisory Committees(

9) Eligibility to attend AGM of IADH

Please note that IADH takes your privacy seriously and will NEVER share your membership information with external stakeholders eg conference companies and other organisations without your explicit permission.

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