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Curriculum de Grado en Odontología para Pacientes con Discapacidad o Riesgo Médico

Posted Sat 27 Sep 2014 by idea

El modelo de aprendizaje estádiseñado para adaptarse fácilmente a los documentos de competencias y perfiles de las distintas asociaciones educativas a novel sundial. El documento también incluye metodologías educativas complementarias y de evaluación,que constituirán la base de la formación continua de los odontólogos.

Este plan de estudios se ha traducido inter-culturalmente de la versión original en inglés, por los Drs Gabriela Scagnet, Gustavo F. Molina y Claudia N. López -traductora profesional- (Argentina), Daniel Carreño (Chile), Jacobo Limeres Posse y Pedro Diz Dios (España), siguiendo las directrices recomendadas por Ari T et al en JDOH 2013; 14 (3): 103-110.


Cursus de formation initial en spins specifiques en odontologie

Posted Sat 27 Sep 2014 by idea

En response a la demand d’ensignants de par le monde. L’International Association for Disability and Oral Health (iADH) a initie le development de recommendations pour un cursos de formation initiale en spins specificques en odontologie qui repose sur un processes consensual implant des experts en spins specifiques de 32 pays.


Disability and Oral Care

Posted Fri 21 Mar 2014 by idea

This textbook, edited by Professor June Nunn represents the accumulated teaching and research from many of the world´s centres of excellence and as such will be invaluable to all those offering dental care to patients with disabilities. This text was written in 2000 but still remain relevant and includes important information designed to encourage high quality oral health care and good practice int eh filed of Special Care Dentistry. You can request a copy for the the cost of postage only to your own country by contacting the secretary of iADH  (see contacts page)

  • Title: Disability and Oral Care
  • Author(s): June Nunn 
  • Publisher: FDI World Dental Press Ltd, London
  • ISBN: 0 9539261 0 9


Education in Special Care Dentistry – the paradigm shift

Posted Thu 3 Oct 2013 by idea

This presentation was given by Dr Denise Faulks at the iADH Conference in Melbourne as part of the Education Symposiu


iADH Post Graduate Curriculum Guidance (in french)

Posted Sun 6 Sep 2015 by idea

iADH Guidance for education and training in SCD at the post-graduate level in french


Post Graduate Curriculum (Spanish Version)

Posted Sun 6 Sep 2015 by idea

iADH Curriculum Guidance at the post-graduate level for educators and teachers in Spanish.


Post Graduate Curriculum in SCD

Posted Wed 8 Oct 2014 by idea

This brand new document was launched at Berlin 2014 and provides guidance for educators to crete a post graduate curriculum in SCD at certificate, diploma and doctorate levels.

Topics: Berlin 2014, Curricula and Associated, Education, Networking, SCD,


Posted Tue 25 Jun 2019 by Sharat PANI


Toolbox for measuring attitudes and intended behaviours towards disability

Posted Fri 26 Aug 2016 by idea

This toolbox is a battery of questionnaires developed by an iADH taskforce for aid rigorous measurement of educational interventions in Special Care Dentistry.


Undergraduate Curriculum in Special Care Dentistry

Posted Fri 27 Sep 2013 by idea

 In response to requests from educators worldwide, the International Association for Disability and Oral Health (iADH) has initiated the development of undergraduate curriculum guidance in SCD  through a consensus process involving leading experts in SCD from 32 countries.

Topics: Curricula and Associated, Education,