iADH History


Let’s start at the beginning…..

In 1971 a group of individuals with shared ideals, met in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the first “International Congress on Dentistry for the Handicapped” under sponsorship of the Academy of Dentistry for the Handicapped to discuss the possibility of forming an international society for the dental care of the handicapped.

Representatives of different groups in various countries agreed to form the International Association of Dentistry for the Handicapped with the goal of educating and disseminating information and fostering the formation of strong national organizations. The IADH has hosted an international congress every 2 years since 1971 in various venues around the world and the name of the association has since been changed to “International Association for Disability and  Oral Health” to reflect current social philosophy and also to encompass all aspects of oral health, not just dentistry. Today there are members in over 40 countries and the iADH has become an influential and recognised organisation bringing together motivated and caring professionals in the field of Special Care Dentistry worldwide.