iADH Membership Benefits


There are many benefits to becoming a member of iADH including  reduced members rates for scientific conferences, international and local branch meetings, eligibility for research prizes and bursaries and online access to the Scientific Journal of Disability and Oral Health using your membership ID.

There are two ways to become a member :

(1) Join your National Association: 

Those people who are members of a national organisation which is a part of the IADH automatically become a member of the IADH and become eligible for all iADH membership benefits. The local organisation in each iADH member country pays the annual contribution to the iADH.  You can contact your iADH member country representative by following this link

(2) Become an individual member of iADH:

If you do not live in a member country then you can choose to join as an individual member. Those members have to pay their annual subscription individually and this can be done online or by bank transfer. The current subscription is $25 US per year and this will entitle you to free online access to the Journal for Disability and Oral Health and all other member benefits.

Follow this link to join online today

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