There are two types of memberships:

  1. National Associations

    Those who are members of a national organisation, which is a part of the IADH. Contribution of these members is payed by the national organisation, they are automatically members of the IADH Annual contribution;
    From 2013 the dues are:
    8 USD – first 1-60 members each
    2.50 USD – next 61-500 members each
    1.50 USD – next > 500 members each

  2. Individual members.

    These members have to pay their annual subscription individually.

    The subscription for an individual member is 25USD per year.

All payments can be made by;
Bank transfer – ask your bank to pay:
M.J.E. Arts/treasurer iADH
Spoorstraat 94
6591 GV Gennep Netherlands
IBAN/SEPA: NL13RABO0191824208
Bankname: Rabobank

Or by;
Credit card / PayPal payment


  1. Enter 1 if you're an individual member or the number of members of the national organisation you need a membership for (see above for rates):
  2. Total amount USD:
  3. Pay with PayPal by clicking "Pay now" below. This will take you to the PayPal site.
If you have any membership enquiries or queries please contact iADH treasurer Dr Martin Arts for more details using the form below: