Launch of brand new iADH Curriculum Guidance at the Postgraduate Level

cover of postgrad

People requiring Special Care Dentistry (SCD) are those with a disability or activity restriction that directly or indirectly affects their oral health. This disability or restriction is defined within the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and is impacted by the personal and/or the environmental context of the individual.(9) SCD takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to the care of patients, sometimes referred to as a group of people with ‘special needs’. It is appropriate, therefore, that a post-graduate programme in SCD will draw on expertise across a wide variety of disciplines in health and social care. This document provides guidance for development of the key elements of a curriculum; namely content, learning and teaching strategies, assessment processes and evaluation processes. The learning outcomes are arranged into eight modules in order for educators to develop contextualized, culturally sensitive educational programmes that conform, if necessary, to national regulatory bodies. It will enable educationalists to plan and develop postgraduate programmes in SCD that provide theoretical knowledge at the appropriate depth and most importantly, include hands-on clinical experience to build on and enhance graduates’ skills in order to engender the positive attitudes and behaviours requisite for the successful delivery of SCD.


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