Friday 15th April – Global Management of Caries in People with Disabilities – SCDA/iADH Chicago

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Caries may constitute an additional problem to people with disability. Individuals’ physical and intellectual impairments as well as insufficient availability of appropriate services are addressed as barriers to oral health care in this population. However, such situations vary depending on policies, health systems and educational background related to Disability and oral health that are dominant in each country. The present symposium aims to determine the current strategies applied for the prevention and treatment of dental caries in people with special needs by means of the discussion of the perspectives presented by a panel of Special Care Dentists representing each continent of the world. In light of the urgent need for strategies to reduce caries prevalence and to enhance access to oral health care for this population, it is suggested that international associations dealing with the production of scientific evidence, and those related to disability and oral health, must promote the development of quality research in order to propose guidelines for the prevention and treatment of dental caries in people with disability.
Learning objectives

1- To identify caries prevalence in the population of people with disability, according to their continental settings

2- To explore various strategies for prevention and treatment of carious lesions in this population

3- To provide a forum to discuss future collaborative actions required for developing guidelines feasible to apply worldwide

Read more about the speakers by following this link to the caries management speakers

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