Breaking News – IADH 2018 – Venue Change

The iADH wish to formally announce that the venue of the 24th IADH Congress has been changed and will no longer take place in Istanbul as previously planned.

This decision has not been taken lightly and in fact many alternative options have been considered over the last months amid safety concerns and perceived fears of iADH council members who have indicated that despite Istanbul being one of the most attractive, historical, and cultural cities in the world, that sadly their members would not necessarily feel happy to travel there at this current time.

The executive would like to thank the Turkish Society for Disability and Oral Health for their brave, decisive and selfless decision to consider the views of their colleagues by deciding to host the conference in Dubai, UAE. The Turkish Society will continue to organise the event along with input, advice and support from the iADH regarding the scientific programme. The and social and cultural events will continue to reflect the legendary Turkish hospitality and celebrate the Turkish Culture. Alongside this we also hope to welcome many new members from the middle eastern areas and recognise that Dubai is a fantastic destination and is a world travel hub that should enable many people from all ares of the world to travel safely, economically and in most cases directly.

Professor Ilknur Tanboga and her team will have now the great pleasure to welcome you all in Dubai and more details will follow shortly. The planned date of the 31st August remains unchanged  IADH 2018 will be a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding platform for all participants including young scientists, researchers, technical and professional experts, corporate representatives and policy makers to share their projects, scientific experiences, innovations and ideas on Oral Health Science for the People with Disabilities and Disadvantages.

We will looking forward to hosting participants from all over the world in Dubai. Our aim is to turn this congress into an unforgettable scientific event for all and hope that the wider membership will support the Turkish Society and IADH in attending this event.

Watch this space for more news – and the iADH 2018 website will be up and running soon

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