Intra-Nasal Sedation for people with disabilities – Pre-Congress seminar Thursday 14th April 9.00am -12.30pm

intranasal 2This pre-congress workshop is a collaboration between a team of specialists in SCD from the Irish and the British Societies for Disability and Oral Health including Dr Graham Manley and Dr Alison Dougall, Dr Danielle McGeown, Dr Siobhan Stapleton and Dr Graeme Ting. The session will be three and a half hours long and will provide a theoretical evidence base and interactive small group introductory skills training relating to intranasal delivery of midazolam to facilitate dental care. There is a growing body of evidence that this is a safe, effective, acceptable and convenient delivery method and this session is designed or people with a licence or prior knowledge of sedation procedures in order to further develop their own skills in this particular method. The team will show the benefits of this technique in facilitating care for people with care resistant behaviours and a wide range of disabilities.
By the end of the session participants will be able to:Unknown
1. Detail the physiology and pharmacology of conscious sedation using midazolam and to be able to explain the advantages and evidence-base for intranasal delivery routes for children and adults with disabilities.
2. Identify the equipment required for intranasal administration and to demonstrate the skills required to deliver intranasal midazolam.
3. Be able to evaluate and risk assess suitable patients for whom intranasal sedation may be beneficial. To discuss and resolve barriers to the implementation of this technique in practitioners future practice.

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