Invitation from Professor Andreas Schulte to attend the iADH Congress in Berlin 2014

Dear IADH members and colleagues with interest in Special Care Dentistry!

Oral health care and therapy for patients with special care needs represents a huge challenge for dentists and dental teams and requires a great degree of interdisciplinary coordination and cooperationwith many medical and non-medical disciplines.

In the view of the scientific and organisational committee of the IADH congress 2014 in Berlin, this meeting will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the oral health of special care patients in three main fields: firstly, prevention will be acknowledged much more so than previously, secondly, the professional exchange of knowledge between dentists and physicians will be intensified and thirdly, important scientific information about restorative procedures performed under modalities such as general anaesthesia will be provided.

By looking at the list of the invited speakers of the IADH congress 2014 in Berlin you will realise that four main lectures are about prevention, while in several sessions the main lectures will be presented not only by dentists and orthodontists but also by physicians.

It has to be emphasised that not only persons with intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities are in need of special care dentistry but also those patients with rare or severe diseases, as well as patients with syndromes. Therefore, there will be key presentations from healthcare disciplines for rare diseases such as sclerodermia and ectodermal dysplasia. Furthermore, some main lectures will be dedicated to the themes of dental therapy for special care patients under general anaesthesia and diagnostics of pain.

I would like to emphasise that scientific meetings have of course not only the goal to disseminate expert knowledge by invited speakers and by discussion with colleagues, but also enable presentations and discussion of scientific investigations as well as interesting clinical cases.

Excellent opportunities will be provided to share the results of scientific studies or case reports either by presenting an oral lecture or by a poster. I appeal to interested colleagues to apply for such presentations by submitting an abstract. Further information will be found by clicking the button abstracts.   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the German Association of Oral Surgeons (BDO) for supporting energetically the IADH conference 2014. Without them it would have been almost impossible to organise this international conference. Furthermore, I am very grateful that the IADH congress in Berlin will take place under the auspices of the German Dental Association (Bundeszahnärztekammer). My thanks also go to the two companies who agreed early on to give unrestricted financial support for this meeting. These companies were GABA/Colgate and Oral B/Procter and Gamble who should earn special respect because at previous IADH congresses there has been some hesitation or refusal of many companies to sponsor congresses about special care patients. It would be an encouraging sign if more companies would follow the best practice demonstrated by the companies mentioned and accept the medical and dental needs of persons with disabilities.

Finally I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Berlin, the city where our convention will take place, is a very exciting and interesting city. You can reach the German capital easily by car, train or by air. Berlin provides a huge wealth of culture, museums and entertainment so it would be worthwile considering staying in Berlin not only during the conference, but also prior to or after the meeting.


It will be a great pleasure for the IADH Executive Board as well as the Scientific and Organising committee to welcome you all to the opening ceremony of the 22nd IADH conference on the 2nd October 2014 in Berlin, when we anticipate greeting several hundreds participants, as at previous meetings.

With best wishes

Prof. Dr. Andreas G. Schulte

Chair of the Scientific and Organising committee


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  1. admin says:

    Looking forward to a large group from Ireland attending the conference.
    Alison Dougall