GA and sedation for special care dentistry in Asia – what’s the picture

This interesting presentation was given in Berlin at the 2014 Congress and details the organisational and legal aspects of GA and sedation for patients requiring special care dentistry in Asia including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea.

Professor Shun-Te Huang is a professor of Special Care Dentistry and faculty of Oral
Hygiene at the College of Dental Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University,
Taiwan, and president of the Taiwan Association for Disabilities and Oral Health and
a former board member of the International Association for Disability and Oral Health
(IADH). Dr. Huang is trained and  certified as a specialist in anesthesiology, pediatric dentistry and special care
dentistry and is a distinguished academic and has focused his research in the field of epidemiology of oral health and risk
factors of normal and developmentally delayed children, health and long-term care
needs for the elderly. Oral health and general health, impact of SECC to the general
health of children, dental fear and anesthesiology issues.