Translation and Cultural Adaption of iADH Curriculum in SCD

This presentation by Dr Denise Faulks and the team from University of Auvergne, Clermont Ferrand in France, details the importance of translating the IADH curriculum in SCD using established forward and backward translation methodology and also the need to ensure that it is culturally acceptable and appropriate via a consensus process.

Individuals are transforming…..society is being disrupted

This thought provoking talk from Joachim Jardenberg was presented at iADH 2014 was sponsored by the Hellenic Society for Disability and Oral Health. Jocke is CEO of Mindpark, tech advisor to the Swedish Prime Minister and in addition to being a Senior Advisor in all things Internet he is a social media therapist and  entrepreneur. He tells us that due to latest advances in technology life has never been more confusing or control been this distributed, that change will never again be this slow and the possibilities never greater for how we network, operate across the continents, share our work and collaborate.

iADH can achieve limitless progress if we embrace this new technological world in which we are immersed.


Post Graduate Curriculum in SCD

This brand new document was launched at Berlin 2014 and provides guidance for educators to crete a post graduate curriculum in SCD at certificate, diploma and doctorate levels.

How to tackle increasing oral health inequalities across Europe and respond to special needs?

In 2012 Professor Martine Hennequin gave a presentation at the Better oral Health Platform as part of  the State of Oral Health in Europe Conference in Brussels

Undergraduate Curriculum in Special Care Dentistry

 In response to requests from educators worldwide, the International Association for Disability and Oral Health (iADH) has initiated the development of undergraduate curriculum guidance in SCD  through a consensus process involving leading experts in SCD from 32 countries.