Education Curricula Documents

Download the iADH SCD post-graduate curriculum document here 

Download the iADH Undergrad/Pre-grad Curriculum in SCD here 

IADH has a dedicated Education Committee and is committed to developing education in Special Care Dentistry (SCD) and encourages team working and positive attitudes towards disability  within the whole dental team. Leading institutions internationally are now embedding  teaching and learning in SCD within their curricula  and iADH formed an education sub-committee in 2011 which has focused on creating education networks and  co-ordinating action and research within this area. In response to requests from educators worldwide the iADH has initiated the development of undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum guidance in SCD through a consensus process involving leading experts in SCD from 32 countries. These iADH curriculum documents provides evidence-based learning outcomes designed to be student-centred and with the flexibility to be easily imported into contemporary dental curricula. It is envisaged that these will be adopted via an incremental approach to enhance a dynamic, evolving curriculum and encourage holistic patient-centred care.