Call for Application for Education Committee

Call for Interest – Education Committee of IADH

IADH is looking for enthusiastic, motivated educators to conribute to their education strategy by joining the IADH Education Comiittee.

There are 4 places vacant on the IADH Educaton Committee.

Applications are welcome from educators or researchers involved in running or evaluating formal education/training programmes in SCD at undergraduate or post graduate levels., including online or blended learning or continuing professional development programmes.

The successful applicants will join and work alongside the current members of iADH Education Committee as follows:Chair of Education Committee : Prof Shelagh Thompson
IADH Exec Board Member : Dr Alison Dougall
IADH Scientific Committee : Dr Denise Faulks

IADH Media/Communication : Dr Sharat Chandra Pani
IADH Council Members ; Prof Andreas Schulte, Dr Gabriela Scagnet
IADH Fellowship Working Group : Dr Clive Friedman and Dr Jacobo Limeres Posse
Collective Roles for the IADH Education committee members may include some of the following :

  1. Populating iADH Education webpage with resources as required.
  2. iADH Undegraduate and Postgraduate Curricula Review/Evaluation.
  3. Facilitating Global Education and Research Networks
  4. Design of iADH Education Session at iADH Mexico 2020
  5. IADH Education Competitions and Prizes
  6. Foster relationship and collaborate with global education organisations (ADEE, IFDEA etc)
  7. Scoping iADH Fellowship in Special Care Dentistry.

APPLICATION PROCESS: please send your application to by Thursday November 15th 2018.
Please include a short CV (max 2 pages) and a cover letter (max 1000 words) stating your reason for interest in being on the

education committee and evidence work in education and training or education research..

Please consider your willingness and ability to attend four online meetings per year (with plenty of advance notice) – occasionally during unsociable or work hours depending on timezones involved within an international committee structure.

Application must be supported by two named current iADH members. All applications wil be considered by the iADH Nominations Committee and their recommendations will be presented to the executive.

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