Call for Interest – Shadow Secretary IADH

This is a call for interest to members of IADH regarding the new post of Shadow Secretary of iADH BOARD.

This role provides an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic and well organised individual to become more involved and familiar with the iADH. It is envisaged that after a two year period in 2020 the shadow secretary will become the new iADH secretary on the executive board subject to usual executive and council agreement. (The secretary role is renewed every two years to a max of 6 years)

As preparation – this shadow role is a 2 year introduction to working within the executive board of the iADH. The successful applicant will be mentored and supported during the preparatory period by the iADH chair and the current IADH secretary.

The new structure of the board describes the secretary role in the byelaws as follows

“The secretary shall attend and be the secretary of all meetings of the board. The secretary shall enter minutes of all proceedings at such meetings; the secretary shall give, as and when instructed, notices and information to iADH members and members of iADH committees; the secretary shall be the custodian of all books, papers, records, documents and other instruments belonging to the Corporation.”

The shadow secretary will observe monthly online IADH executive meetings and when confident will be given secretarial responsibility for either the Education Committee and/or International Committee who will meet quarterly online. Please note that calls for interest for these two new IADH comittees will happen later this year

APPLICATION PROCESS: please send application to secretary@iadh.orgby Friday 10thOctober latest. Your application must be supported bytwo named current IADH members. Please note that applications are welcome from all members of the dental team including allied health and social care professionals.

Please send short CV (max 2 pages) and a cover letter (max 1000 words) stating your reason for interest in the post of shadow secretary and your experience/association with IADH and oral health and disability to date including the date of becoming member of iADH.

Key skills to demonstrate might include : Experience of working on previous committees or boards is desirable along with database skills and ability to use and host video conferencing and use meeting planning apps. Eg skype/zoom/doodle etc. Essential is (a) the ability to speak and understand English fluently in order to record accurate minutes, (b) good computer skills and desktop publishing skills to produce and store documents securely, (c) willingness and ability to to attend one online meeting per month (with plenty of advance notice)  – occasionally during unsociable or work hours depending on timezones involved within an international committee structure.

Although we are a non for profit organisation limited expenses will be available for the shadow secretary where necessary to travel for essential face to face meetings according to current IADH Exec Policy and Practice. (eg when no support available from employer or academic institution)

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