Media and Communications – iADH Executive Board

This is a call for nominations for a new co-opted board position for 2018-20 with the specific role of media and communication. It is envisaged that this co-opted board member ( if appointed) will strengthen internal and external communication and help to build a well connected and extended community for IADH and allow for joined up working via online platforms and online meetings.
ROLES – may include but not limited to:
Creating content across digital platforms and social media campaigns.
Running online meetings and webinars
Administrating and populating the iADH website
Promotion of IADH congresses and other IADH activities.
Nominee must be a member of iADH and have a strong working knowledge of Digital & Media platforms and a good working knowledge of English. Working knowledge of more than one language will be desirable.
All nominations must be made from an iADH member and should be supported (seconded) by a second IADH member.
Nominations must only be made be with full agreement and permission of the person being nominated.
All nominations must be in writing include the full name and contact details of the nominee and a statement of no more than 500 words summarising and providing evidence of why the nominated personwould be suitable for this specific co-opted board position role.
Please send nominations to
Closing Date August 21st
After this date all suitable nominees will be contacted by email for further details and a short list presented to the board for their consideration
We are keen to receive your nominations – and hope that the unsuccessful candidates (if there are many nominations) will be the start a fabulous network/working group of tech-minded people.

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